Man Date III – Back with a Vengeance

Eh, guys from Kirkie in suits?! This can mean only one thing… Man Date is back.

Essentially, a gathering of our local hoodlums (err, friends) meet up, head into the big city after drinking a fair amount, have dinner, then drink some more… all whilst suited up. What could possibly go wrong with that?

This was my first Man Date experience, and I’m not bitter about the lack of invitations to previous outings at all. No sirreeee. It’s amazing how moving twenty minutes up the road puts you out of mind as well as out of sight. It’s just as well I’m a stubborn bastard and force my way back into people’s lives when they least want or expect it.

I can’t do anything about looking like an overweight Chinaman at times mind you.


It’s also worth pointing out that despite any uncanny resemblance that it may have, I am definitely not wearing a Rangers tie.

anyway. at least Robbie was enjoying himself.

and you can’t have a night out without Keith.

and a shot of Action Man before it all got too much and he had to go home. (haw haw haw)

Despite looking worse for wear here, Pazy was actually on top form. He later told me that he liked when I came out, because I was ‘a good drinker’.

Aww shucks.

I’m not sure that’s something I’ll be putting on my CV, but all the same.

I’m not sure how or why Suede ended up with two white russians.

When you work in clubs your social life melts into the pot, and it becomes quite hard to separate the whole sticky mix. I hardly ever go out anymore unless it’s work related because it… feels like work. One of the few times I’m able to actually go to a party or club or anything else and just go along with things is when I’m out with folk that I’ve known the longest. Will need to make sure I continue to force my way in.

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