Cathouse – Friday 2nd March 2012

So I’m back to work at the Cathouse, and all is right with the world again.

p.s. like my t-shirt?


Daz is getting his own back on Ryan here by throwing a pint over his laptop, after his was drenched in similar circumstances the night before. I, of course, managed to save the hard disk with my unbelievable skills.

Motherboard was fucked though.

I like her hair.

I miss having outlandish hair colours. Maybe I’ll return to them somepoint soon.

It’s amazing the stuff that you find lying around clubs.

Why on earth do people bring these things in?

Hello Twitter friend.

This blonde girl is rather cute.

She was made even cuter by the fact that she had on an unusual, small bowler hat type thing that she’d gotten off of eBay for £3.

Gotta love a girl in a hat.

It’s good to be back. I definitely needed a bit of time away to get on with uni work and realign my chakra (so to speak), but going back to the Cathouse feels like returning home.

Here’s to many more nights!

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