Couchsurfing – Tessa

I haven’t had any Couchsurfers stay in a while (okay, a few weeks), and so it was rather nice to be able to help out Tessa for a bit. She’s in the process of moving over to Glasgow from Cologne in Germany, and going through the thankless process of having to seek out both a flat and a job. Ouch.

We headed out for a few beverages, which was rather pleasant. Despite Tessa wanting to try Scottish beer, I think we’ve all come to the conclusion that (for the most part), German and Belgian beer is going to win every time.

This is Tessa by the way.

It’s strange hosting somebody that’s moving to your City. You don’t do the usual things you might do with a surfer, as they’ve got more time, and more serious things to attend to than trying to squeeze in seeing as much as possible within a few days. It’s a nicer pace in a way, and there’s no difficult goodbyes either, as you’ll have the chance to spend time together again.

Whenever I meet people from anywhere else, it makes me want to be able to speak their language… I really wish I had the sort of brain that could just pick up languages and retain them easily. If anybody wants to force me into speaking German, let me know.

It’s on the list of things I need to do at somepoint.

No matter where you are, everybody (!?) loves fireball cinnamon whiskey shots.

Coincidentally, we had another Couchsurfer staying for a few days, who was out and about with Alex. Jason is from PHILLY in the States, and was spending three months going round places in Europe/Russia. Can’t really describe how amazing/terrifying the idea of doing something like that on your own is. Then again, moving to an entirely different country where you don’t know anybody is probably just as bad… if not worse. Strangely enough, since I started getting involved in this whole Couchsurfing thing, the prospect doesn’t seem quite as lonely as it might have done before.

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