Glasgow in the Sun

What a sunny day in Glasgow.

Okay, so I might have gotten up at half two, and only left the house after four, but it was still sunny… and still warmer than any other day of the year. I hope that it ends up raining tomorrow, since I’m in work all day. Not that it really matters, since I wouldn’t be out and about either way.

After being at uni for four years, I realised I was still wearing clothes that I had bought when I was about 19. That fact, coupled with the strength of the Pound against the Dollar, meant I’ve been buying up a fair whack of t-shirts from Threadless. I just discovered that if you upload a picture of you in one of the tops that you’ve bought, you get $1.50 credit towards your next order… victory! Because of that, we took the opportunity to take some photos in the sun to let me get more clothes that I don’t really need. If you want to order anything, and use the link above, you’ll help fuel my new addiction as well.

I took the chance to take the ol’ Russian Vilia out as well for some pictures. I figure I may as well keep using film for things that aren’t essential, and then I can develop and scan them leisurely when I have some time. I need to find a way to re-attach the shutter lever as well… it got knocked off, and it’s really not the same without the wee triangley plasticy bit.

It’s amazing the things you find in Glasgow.

Poor abandoned sheep-bear thing…

What’s also amazing is how you can’t walk two Metres from the flat without bumping into folk. Maybe the trick is to allow space for spontaneity… however that would work.

Say hi to Ricky.

…and the rather lovely Robyn.


I’m sure you can forgive the rather dodgy focussing.

No better way to end things than some Greek food, and a whole bottle of wine to yourself.

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