Cathouse – 15th April 2012 – 90s Night

Who doesn’t love the 90s?

It’s probably better not to ask that actually.

No matter what people thought of that particular decade, people seemed to love Daz in a morph suit.

Personally, the 90s nights in the Cathouse are some of my favourite. The music of that decade was some of the most formative in shaping my tastes, and influencing the bands I like that came afterwards. As well as that, there’s always a good atmosphere.

Oh, and girls in crop tops.

The decade itself wasn’t exactly a brilliantly happy one, or incredible in one way or another; there just seems to be some weird attachment to it given that that’s when I remember most of my thoughts coming together as a bairn.

I got an upside down parasol umbrella decoration thing in my drink from Ricky, because I’m special.

Take that, world.

I can’t work out if Gemma is wearing one of those hats with a propellor type thing on it or not. Know the one I mean?

When I was wee I always wanted one of those hats with an umbrella on top. I thought they were amazing, but my dad wouldn’t let me get one. Just because he was too embarrassed about my extreme practicality.

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