Cathouse – 11-04-12 – Jäger Tour Afterparty

(and unofficial bar launch)

Know what? I really love my job, and nights like this remind me why.

The Cathouse have re-done their ‘spider bar’ (or bar 4 to those stuck in the past) to become the first officially branded Jägermeister bar in the UK. To help kick it off, the Jäger music tour rolled into town and out afterwards to celebrate.

Since it wasn’t quite ready to be opened yet, the guys at Longfox who had drawn up the designs on the walls found some bits of white-space that hadn’t been varnished yet and kept on drawing stuff in the middle of the chaos.

Look at those happy faces.

Given the nature of the beast, there are all sorts of hidden easter eggs that you can find buried in the walls. Duncan Sweeney is leaving the Cathouse parent company CPL after years of loyal service, and ehh… wait a minute… what’s that say on that Jägerbottle!?

Cheeky blighter.

People have often mistaken me for being of the homosexual persuasion whilst at work, or effeminate at the very least.

I can’t imagine why.

Below is me, Martin Baker, Richie, and Stew Bryden. (L-R)

Three photographers in one place is always a dangerous thing.

Guess who Johnny is trying to be here.

The scary thing is that he’s doing a pretty good job.

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