Kirsty – Mugdock – Pola

I haven’t taken ‘proper’ pictures in ages, for lots of reasons… bored of chasing people up to ask if they’d mind me taking their photo (and feeling like a creep); too much going on; pish weather; laziness in using digital a lot; more convenience for blogging purposes; and most of all… because I am so deathly bored of developing and scanning film.

Either way, my long suffering muse Kirsty came out of retirement to help break me back in. I almost forgot how to load film in the Hasselblad, but not quite. Either way, here’s some extremely soft-focussed shots on extremely fucked up old and expired Polaroid film. It wasn’t in the box anymore, so I’m not entirely sure if it’s 669 or 667, but it looks like the former. Not that it matters when it’s out of date by 7 years anyway.

There’ll be tidier, and hopefully better focussed shots to come when I eventually develop the other rolls. For now, these are kinda nice.

Time to make a triumphant return to film I think.

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