Cathouse 04-05-12 – Star Wars Party

May the fourth be with you.

Dunn Dunn DunDunDun DUNN DUNN… etc.

It’s May the 4th, so cue a host of cheesy puns which of course lead to nothing less than an entirely Star Wars themed night at the Cathouse.

For reference, here’s me showing how it should be done:


Who knew that there were so many Star Wars fans kicking about.

and more light sabers than you could shake a… well, light saber at.

cue compulsory photo-bomb.

Probably the best night I’ve had in the Cathouse in a longlong time.

The place was rammed, people were giddy and drunk, and for a while the back bar had as charged an atmosphere as I remember from my days milling about in the Arches. Awesome.

Here’s Robyn.

I like Robyn.

Old faces are the best faces.

I want some ridiculous coloured contact lenses to wear in every day life and throw people off guard.

Zoe and Rachel. The stories that we could tell. Probably just as well nobody ever finds out about them.

Roll on Sunday (tonight now) for more delightful times.

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