Cathouse 06-05-12 – 80s Night

My memory of this night is fairly hazy.

Here’s Kirsty. She’s a legend.

Every so often my 5D does this stupid digitising thing… It’s pretty odd. Had a look online but haven’t seen anything about it. Any ideas? It’s only once every few months on one picture.

Aw, how cute.

It wasn’t till the following day I realised that I had managed to drop my camera and smash yet another flashgun hotshoe. This is like the fifth time… luckily I learned how to repair the bloody things myself to save money.

This shows exactly why you should pay somebody who has backup equipment… because you never know when things are going to go tits up. You could well hire somebody else that didn’t trash their gear as much of course, but where’s the fun in that?

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