Cathouse – 03-08-12

I’ve been neglecting allmyfriendsarejpegs recently, and I’m sorry…

Life’s fallen into something of a routine since going back to work during the week, which means there’s been less adventures of which to speak. Coming home at night, all my spare energy has been getting poured into a bit of a new-new-music project. It’s called popdodger, and you can have a look and see for yourself.

I’ve got some really cool folk involved writing things, including this girl called Heather (below).

She’s a girl after my own heart: not afraid to stir up a bit of controversy, which I’m more than happy to facilitate.

It’s worth pointing out that I don’t have a beard like that anymore, and that I look frighteningly like a 12 year old adolescent boy at present.

Not entirely sure what work is going to be like over the next while. I’ve not exactly been at the peak of physical health recently, and am probably going to have to cut out alcohol for a bit. This isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do given both my lifestyle and where I live, but there doesn’t seem to be much choice at the moment!

I’m off to Chicago in 3 weeks today, so there should be lots to see then. The whole thing seems a bit surreal just now though, so let’s not talk about it again til nearer the time.

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