Man Date IV

Suits on boys.

Man Date is back, that sporadic event where a bunch of us Kirkie folk (plus stragglers) stupidly over-dress, spend too much money on food, and get very, very drunk is back.

I personally opted for a look that resulted in an uncanny resemblance to some sort of bastard-love-child of Colonel Sanders and Abraham Lincoln.

I don’t look like this anymore.

We headed to Sapporo Teppanyaki in the Merchant City – a place where they set fire to your food in front of you.

It was hot.

really hot.

Oh, and they throw food at you.


Surprisingly tasty.

It’s always good to see a big bunch of people you haven’t in a long time. It’s fairly scary when you realise that you once were in Primary School together, and now a good chunk of your number are engaged, or in (mostly) gainful employment.

When did we get so old?

Hmm, maybe it was the beard.

Thank God I look like a wee boy again.

Luckily, just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you have to act it.

Blagging all 15 of us into the Garage, my recollection of what exactly happened after that is fairly… sparse. I know there was Jack Daniel’s, and ridiculous phone calls at 1AM to people I shouldn’t have been calling, but not much else.

If we met on Saturday, I apologise.

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