Last Day in Chicago.

The way things worked out, I had one last night/day-time in Chicago after Denver before heading home. The night was a bit of a write-off, as I was completely shattered after all of the antics that had gone on previously.

The next day, we found ourselves in this bar called Revolution in Chicago. For those familiar with Brewdog, it’s a similar sort of deal. Fancy beers, fancy food… tattooed folks with beards kicking around.

I was going to meet up with Joe later on that day, but totally by chance, we bumped into him at the door of the bar. Well, I say bumped in… I dropped my case and he kicked me in the back of the legs, but you get the idea.

This is Joe, in his natural habitat.

It was pretty strange to have two of my Chicago worlds come together on the last day, but it was a rather poignant end to the three weeks I’d spent abroad.

Saying that though, I don’t think I’d plan things to have to say a whole set of goodbyes in two different cities on two consecutive days ever again. Just as I had gone through the motions of heartbreak in Denver, I had to completely reset for Chicago… which was a horrible, unsettling process; I could feel the emotional gears literally grinding. GRRNGNGHHGFHH.

Like that.

After struggling to find time that we would both be in the same place at the same time, Sitt managed to drop in for a beer and to say goodbye. He’s one of the nicest, most humble, interesting (real) photographers I’ve ever met… somebody who does what he does as an extension to himself, and not just out of some desire to be a certain thing.

I’m glad we met, and hope he hasn’t been killed in Mexico shooting gangs… which is where he was heading after this picture was taken.

Joe told me the other day that he has booked a flight to come to Scotland for 2 weeks in January. This could be dangerous. He looked after me and was stupidly kind and generous when I needed somewhere to crash, or, more importantly…. someone to get pished with.

There’s few people that you just get on with straight away, and Joe is one of them… so January should be interesting!

Bubye Chicago, you’ve been good to me.

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