CHICAGO (in 6×6)

I miss these trains. Infact, I miss the whole of the Windy City… without a doubt one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. A big city, but without any of the cold attitude of somewhere like London, it was stupidly easy to feel at home here.

…especially when there were Couchsurfing BBQs to be attended.

… and when there are folk like these two.

Bonding unexpectedly at the back of a stranger’s garage and lemoncello, Joe and Leeann helped make my trip as good as it was. It felt like we’d known each other for ages, and it put all the stuff I’d gotten seriously fed up with back at home into a bit of perspective. We shared food and drink, and Joe went out of his way to make sure I had somewhere to stay or leave luggage whenever I was stuck. (even if it was just his flat devoid of all furniture). What a dude.

It’s been that long since I’ve properly used the Hasselblad/film for anything properly that my internal exposure meter is wayyy off…

…as well as my focussing apparently. Luckily, I have an excuse for the latter… in that I’m totally blind as a bat. Even the fancy diopter that’s meant to help things out doesn’t seem to do much for when I’m fairly inebriated…

6×6 film is so unforgiving.

This next shot just proves that I clearly was in no fit state to be in operation of a medium format camera, and Joe was definitely in no state to be riding a schoolbus…

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