Cathouse Rock Club – 25-08-13

Unintentionally amusing

Not sure if the guy in the background was making this face on purpose, is genuinely surprised, or is possessed.

Myself and Ginger Steve have bearded up.

Matching the cat face.

This is Mythic aka Dave. He is a good man, and very nicely hosts this blog.

Mr. Andrew WK himself sent me this t-shirt for free. Harry Hard indeed.

Mr. Andy Buchanan and Mr. Donald MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.

The Blue Angels.

I’m sure more than a few people have desired to do such a thing to me before.

I’ve noticed that at a certain point of intoxication I start to put my hand on people’s faces. I have literally hundreds of pictures like this, which is rather disconcerting.


Til next time…

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