Reykjavik, Iceland.

Not only does Icelandair offer pretty cheap flight prices to the US, but they also allow for an extended stopover (of up to a week) in Reykjavik for no extra cost. I thought that this was a clever move backed by the Government to boost tourism to the country in the wake of the economic […]

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Venice, Italy

The final leg of our Italy honeymoon adventure took us to Venice. As it turned out, the ancient floating city was to become our favourite place on the whole trip. For some other black and white film pictures, check out this earlier post. Fun fact that I didn’t know before visiting: Venice is shaped like […]

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Travel Gear Review Post

For our honeymoon we spent ages deciding where to go, and for how long. In the end, we opted to go one trip around different parts of Italy, and then some other smaller trips later on. In the time we spent in Italy, we visited 17 different towns and cities, took around 14 trains, and […]

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Film Pics at night

This is a post I’ve had queued up for ages but haven’t posted. Imagine you’re reading this a few months ago: I’ve been a busy guy lately. A man with a plan. A man in demand. International man of mystery. Etc. Okay, not quite, but it seems like our group of friends from school days […]

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