Friends Weekend

This weekend turned out to be one filled with a variety of social engagements.

Well, mostly just drinking.


Lee ventured to the south side along with his old ‘flatmate’ AK, to meet up with a friend who was looking for a flat in the area. As it turned out, instead of going to the pub as planned, we ended up back at our place.




I took the chance to try out my turkey head outfit.


More on that later.



I really love the purpley pink colour that shows up in a lot of these pictures. It gives a whole different atmosphere to things than just regular living room lights.



The 50mm f0.95 picks it up particularly well.


The hue itself comes from our custom designed ‘pished & fabulous’ neon sign:


Sadly, something happened to it over the past few days which has meant the ‘& fabulous’ part isn’t illuminating. In other words, just now it just says ‘pished’, which is pretty funny – but also really annoying. I’m hoping it isn’t a commentary on our life. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fix, so long as the neon shop in Hong Kong can send me a replacement part…


We ended up drinking MD and Buckfast, which is never a good idea. The orange one turned out to be pretty damn tasty though. Maybe it’s our older palate.


The turkey head get up wasn’t just something I had lying about the house. Rather, it was to be my outfit for a ‘Friends’ themed party that my pal Keith was having for his birthday the following night. Grace found a great picture of Monica wearing a turkey head with big glasses and a fez, and it seemed right up my alley. I’ve always wanted a nice fez, but thought it was too impractical an item to spend 15 quid on. This party gave me the perfect excuse. The reviews are pretty amusing…

Keeps my head warm when negotiating draughty corridors in my house and is also a good thinking cap.

What is the purpose of a thinking cap anyway?


Does this count as a haiku?

I bought 3 hats the same size
one was too big
one too small
and one fitted just right


I have a quirky sense of style and wear my black fez in a Jean Paul Gautier way! With drama!


I have always had a bizarre fondness for the color orange, therefore it was most satisfactory to find an orange Fez. Fits nicely on my big head, everything i expected, looks very good with a smoking jacket and a straight pipe.


Onward to the Friends party.


To be honest – and at risk of being pilloried – I am not really a big fan of Friends. Like anybody that grew up in the 90s, I was obviously exposed to the show and know a fair bit about it – but it’s not something I would choose to put on. Probably mostly because E4 ruined it with their endless re-runs, but still.


Pazy came as the Joey version of the Turkey head incident, with a decidedly more terrifying mask than I had.

Note that this is not Pazy.


Keith came as fat Monica, with a wig that made him look suspiciously like the old Keith from high school.


Grace went as Sean Penn, in an episode where he turned up in an outfit with planets all over his top. At first, Grace tried to superglue them on, but that didn’t work. When I saw that electrical tape was the next option, I cracked out some industrial strength adhesive I had lying around that did the trick. Sure, the fumes might have been so overwhelming that they got everyone in the room high, but those planets will be stuck on that jumper until the sun swallows up the Milky Way.



Wrightie said I wasn’t allowed to document his beardless face, but that just encouraged me to do it even more. He came as Ross, because he looks ridiculously like David Schwimmer at times.


There were dogs present.


One of which wanted in on the cake action.





I would go into detail about who was dressed up as what, but like I mentioned, my Friends knowledge is round about nil, so I won’t.



Thankfully, there was no beef trifle.










I didn’t get too pished… or pished at all really. Maybe I was still in mourning from the sign. Either way, we headed in to get a curer the next afternoon at a place called Singl-End. They do big pans of baked eggs that are ridiculously good… and have plenty of gluten free shizz, which is wonderful.


We also had to have cake. Grace had this lemon raspberry thing, and I had a raspberry chocolate brownie.


and that was that. Today is Monday, and it hasn’t been the best of Mondays. Lots of stupid things going wrong and nothing quite slotting into place. This is why we have weekends; to make up for crappy Mondays.

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