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Grace wasn’t too impressed that I was taking her picture whilst she was getting tattooed. I’m not sure why really, as my face contorts into all sorts of shapes when I’m in a similar position.

This is amongst the first pictures I’ve gotten back from a film subscription service that I’ve recently signed up for. For a fixed cost each month, I can get a whole bunch of films processed with basic scans. I’m in two minds about the whole thing, as it means a lot less control over the resulting digital image. It’s possible I’ll wind up re-scanning a lot of the shots myself to get them how I want them. However… the cost for the processing alone may be worth it, especially if it encourages me to shoot more film.

We’ll see how it goes.

February 2014 – Timeless Tattoo, Glasgow
Leica M6 – Canon 50mm f1.2
Fuji Superia 1600 (desaturated)

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