Old Friends


Recently we went round to visit my old pals Michelle and Murray in Kirky.

Their house has all sorts of cool things in it. I want one of these crystal decanter things:



Michelle and I have the same tattoo that we got in dubious circumstances when we were teenagers, and we promised that we would try to never lose touch. Despite that, it’s been ages since we’ve hung out. It’s ridiculous how moving a few miles down the road and getting rid of your car can make such a difference to the people you see on a regular basis.


Thing is, it happens to all of us. You get older and circumstances change, and a conscious effort is required to make time for people. Whether it’s the next town over, or across an ocean, people’s lives don’t stand still. That’s not something you should resent, and definitely not something that can be resisted. Just because the dynamic of your friendships change, it doesn’t mean that they become any less valuable.




Here’s Murray, pretending to be me.


Grace: ‘get the cat get the cat get the cat!
Grace: ‘psht, you missed’

Oh, did I now?


Michelle got this lampshade from her gran. It had ripples in the side that gave off a really cool wave effect with the light.

Grace mocks me for being ‘weird’ about indoor lighting, and preferring ambience of a few smaller lamps to one, oppressive overhead thing, but this is the sort thing I’m into.



I like hats. My favourite hat got stolen in a nightclub on one occasion when I wasn’t compos mentis enough to stop it. I keep meaning to replace it, but fear that I look like too much like a Hasidic Jew with this beard.


I think Grace suits hats.




February 2014
Kirkintilloch, Glasgow
Leica M6 – Jupiter-3 50mm f1.5 lens

Fuji Neopan 1600

1 thought on “Old Friends

  1. Just because the dynamic of your friendships change, it doesn’t mean that they become any less valuable.

    I cannot agree enough. I have friends who are very dear to me that I see perhaps once in ten years. Our lives are full and busy, but when the connection is true, it never goes away.

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