The Arch of Birmingham

A few months ago, me and Grace took a trip down south to stay with some friends for a couple of weeks – eating cheese, drinking cider… that sort of thing. We started and ended the journey with a night in Birmingham either side, visiting the Cadbury Factory, and Electric Cinema along the way.

On the return leg, we were going to meetup with Grace’s friend Arch, who is from Colorado, but currently studying in Birmingham.


The plan was to meet after he got off work, so we ended up with about 5 hours to kill. Having spent ages wandering around already, we decided to retreat to the nearest Brewdog, and camp out until the time came. I’m not usually keen to go to places that I can find at home, but there was a load of different beers that I hadn’t tried, and I lost count of how many drinks we had before Arch eventually turned up.


We headed on to some different bars after that, before getting some food from a local kebab place (can’t for the life of me remember what we ate), and getting a lift back to Arch’s flat, where we had a few bottles of red wine, and almost a whole bottle of some mint flavoured Polish vodka before passing out.

This photo was taken as we were having a really interesting discussion about queer theory, or more specifically, about the term itself, and the different ways that that might be interpreted (for better or worse) across the pond by our American friends. It was that sort of deep, involved, engaging conversation that you only really ever get at 3am in a strange place.

We were about to talk about Scottish independence instead, but Grace de-railed that conversation with her question about queer theory. Later on, she told me that: ‘you talk about that enough anyway’.


The train back to Glasgow the next day wasn’t great.

Leica M6 – Canon 50mm f1.2
Fuji Superia 1600

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