Barbados – I’m on a boat


As part of our trip to Barbados we went out on a private yacht to have a cruise about, swim with turtles, and all that jazz. After we had swished around the ship-wrecks and exotic fish for a while, we lazed about on the deck to see some of the coast.


The water was unbelievably blue, everywhere.



We’d had a bit of a tough time trying to find food that catered for all of the dietary requirements in our group. Barbados is pretty much just fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… which starts off great, but after a few days leaves you gagging for something else.

Hats off to the crew for coming up with the tastiest thing we’d eaten all week, all within the confines of a tiny yacht’s cabin.



Slices of fresh pineapple were doled out whilst we lazed about in the sun.


See that weird ship in the background? Remember it for later.



This day was probably the highlight of the whole trip. We’d just gotten the chance to snorkel with some amazing fish… seen turtles coming up for air, and drifted around the top of some shipwrecks, and were now hanging out in the sun on a private yacht with some great people. We joked about how surreal the whole thing seemed:

“I’m not sure about you guys, but I really take issue with this working environment.”





The ship crew were convinced I looked like Alan from the hangover, and so got me to parade around the boat like a film star. I wasn’t too bothered, so long as they kept the free rum punches flowing, we were in business.




Prasath here wasn’t the strongest swimmer, but he took it in his stride – sinking goodness knows how many rum punches before we got off the boat. I tip my hat to you good sir.



Remember that weird ship? Probably the last thing you expect to see in some tropical paradise is a floating pile of rust that looks like something out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Very strange. I wonder if it had anything to do with that rat infested Russian thing that’s going to crash into Scotland at somepoint.



Good day all round.


April 2014, Barbados
Lomo LC-A – expired 35mm film

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