Lake District – BBQs and Trampolines


I’ve got tons of film pictures that I’m slowly working my way through from the past year, which means there’s no sort of chronological order. It can be a good thing though, as it’s nice to look back on trips from a few months ago and relive them.

These pictures are from when a group of us spent a week in the Lake District, back in June.


In my previous post, I mentioned the trampoline that was in the garden, and that you’d eventually see more of it.


A trampoline always means trouble, especially when it’s a size big enough for big kids.


There wasn’t even any alcohol involved.



If I recall correctly, Charlotte used to go to trampolining classes or something, so she was clearly the best – pulling out all sorts of moves that, had I attempted them, would have resulted in me fracturing my spine or something eqaully as awful.



We had to hide our disappointment when some ACTUAL kids moved in to the cottage next door and we couldn’t quite get the run of things as we had before.


Even just sitting on the trampoline on a hot day is pleasant.



What else do you do on a sunny day in the UK?


Barbeque, of course.



I always over-estimate the amount that I’m actually going to eat when we have a barbeque, and end up stuffing my face with 3 burgers more than I ever would normally.


Though really the ol’ BBQ is just an excuse to sit out in the sun with alcohol.


We left Paul to the task of cooking.


Summer in the UK has a really nice feel to it. The rare sun that we get, coupled with the green and water makes it one of the nicest places to be. It’s just a shame it’s not like that more often, although I guess that would result in a lot less green. It’s catch-22. Surely a few more weeks per year wouldn’t hurt though.




June 2014 – Lake District
Lomo LC-A – expired 35mm film

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