Puerto Rico

Literally twelve hours after we landed back in Scotland after being in Greece for three months, it was time to get on a plane and fly out to Puerto Rico for the WordPress.com Terms of Service team meetup. It was inevitably going to be exhausting – especially as I would only be there for a few days – but it would be churlish to complain about a trip to the Caribbean at any time.

I packed light, taking along a wee camera that Al had sold on to me at a good price. Once again, after being un-convinced by the compact size at first, the quality of the pictures has blown me away a bit. It’s funny how a different bit of equipment can help you see things from a different perspective. Taking street pictures was so much easier when holding a tiny black point and shoot camera, as compared to a big rangefinder. You just don’t stand out. Harmless.

Anyway, no words this time. Just pictures.

DSC06005 DSC05789 DSC05867 DSC05851 DSC05847 DSC05823 DSC05822 DSC05819 DSC05808 DSC05805 DSC05804 DSC05796 DSC05794 DSC05785 DSC05781 DSC05780 DSC05778 DSC05775 DSC05769 DSC05765 DSC05752 DSC05748 DSC05746 DSC05745 DSC05741 DSC05737 DSC05736 DSC05733 DSC05731 DSC05728 DSC05726 DSC05724 DSC05722 DSC05720 DSC05871 DSC05876 DSC05882 DSC05886 DSC05890 DSC05898 DSC05901 DSC05903 DSC05907 DSC05914 DSC05922 DSC05935 DSC05938 DSC05944 DSC05974 DSC05975 DSC05979 DSC05986 DSC05825 DSC05807 DSC05766 DSC05972

All shot with the Sony RX100.
Easily one of the best compact digital cameras you can buy just now.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico

  1. Great pictures! So rangefinders are now too big? 🙂

    1. Haha. Certainly feels that way :p But they have their place! Just for different things…

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