A Night at Gordon and Roberta’s

Gordon and Roberta had the usual crew of us round for some food to mark Gordon’s birthday the other week. As is to be expected, there was plenty of alcohol and cameras as well.


G + R had an AirBnB guest from Poland staying with them for a while, who was working at the University nearby – so he joined us.



There’s no pictures of Roberta, as she fell asleep pretty quickly after dinner. It could have been because it was the end of the week and she was tired, or more likely because she was bored senseless by our photography chat.

Grace managed to put a brave face on things.



One of the best things about when we get together is the intense conversations we’ll have on all sorts of topics – from politics to philosophy. We’ve known each other for long enough that we can knock lumps out of each other verbally, only pausing to make sure all of our drinks are topped up.


People looking in from the outside at times like that must think we hate each other, or are completely insane. It could be the latter, but definitely not the former.


Gordon’s collection of cameras is pretty impressive, though he really needs to use some of the old film ones more often. We drunkenly fixed his Hasselblad’s stuck mechanism, which meant he could re-attach the lens… and take pictures of them all set up nicely. Hah.


All the pictures here were shot with the Leica M6 – Canon 50mm f0.95, and some expired Fuji Superia 1600. The colours came out pretty intense, which I quite like.



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