Guinness Factory, Dublin

Last February I headed over to Dublin for a few days to meet with colleagues from Automattic – many of them for the first time. I’ve written about that trip in general before, but never posted the pictures from our trip to the home of Guinness – the black stuff which is ubiquitous throughout the city.







Some of us did a tutored pouring, learning the proper way to get the head just right.



I did successfully complete the test, and got the certificate to say I now apparently know what I’m doing, but I’m not convinced it would be enough to satisfy Glaswegian punters. I’ll just stick to taking photos.


There was even a tutored session on how to drink Guinness properly. Through the foam, arm at a specific angle etc. Apparently I’d been drinking it wrong all these years. Who knew?


When we used to want to drink on the sly, Guinness was always a great choice. Hide it in a Coke bottle and it looks remarkably similar.


Next we headed up to the rooftop bar, which has a rather pleasant view over Dublin.


The day we were there was unusually sunny, and the glass box could have used some sort of outdoor terrace.


Luckily there was no shortage of Guinness to help with the dehydration.


We each got a token for a free pint, which was grand. Even more grand was that a fair number of people weren’t up for drinking theirs, and ended up donating them to me. This was all well and good, but even I struggle to tank 6 pints of Guinness in under half an hour, and I gave one of them away to a very grateful Irishman before we left. The first and last time I will ever be seen passing on free alcohol.




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