Fishguard, Wales – November 2015

About 12 years ago I met a bunch of people at a music festival down south, and we’ve stayed friends ever since. Now, we are ‘all grown up’, married, and one of our couples even have a (new) baby – named Ffion.

2015-12-09 11.58.20 1.jpg

We still try and meetup at least once a year, even though it’s no longer at a music festival. This year, the only time that really worked was November, and we hired a cottage down on the South West of Wales for a week.

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The place we hired was dirt cheap, but it shouldn’t really have been a surprise given the weather. This part of Wales isn’t exact a tourist mecca in late November.

2015-12-09 11.58.35 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.31 1.jpg

We spent the week eating, drinking, and exploring the various wee villages and beaches nearby.

2015-12-09 11.58.18 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.22 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.21 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.27 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.29 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.16 1.jpg

2015-12-09 11.58.13 1.jpg

At least when there’s rain there’s a chance of a rainbow.


There wasn’t a whole lot to find in these wee places, but at least it was pretty.



There was a tiny brewery down the road though (we got a keg of some ginger stuff which was great), and a post office that doubled up as a tiny cheese maker. We all know how much we love cheese.


We explored some castle ruins as well.









I was working whilst we were there, but the wifi left a lot to be desired. I ended up having to sit in the bar to get a connection. Come to think of it, there are probably worse places to have to be.



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