The Coronavirus Diaries

It’s typical that just when I was getting into the swing of shooting street photos regularly that a global pandemic came along to (mostly) confine us to our flats. I haven’t really been out and about much at all, and my motivation for taking pictures has basically completely disappeared as a result, but I’ve tried to document some bits and pieces of life under lockdown over the past few months. Here they are.

Boarded up shops in Glasgow

Eastwood Del Ray

Blue cheese Salmon

Queen's Park Police

Flat Eric

French bulldog

Glasgow COVID-19

Glasgow COVID-19



the Photographer's Playbook

Zoom call

Coronavirus Glasgow


Circle of Fifths Watch


Lou's Hot sauce bottles

Glasgow COVID-19

Coronavirus birthday card

Zoom AR-48

Glasgow COVID-19

Coronavirus Glasgow

Rock on headphone stand

Closed road sign

Glasgow COVID-19

Stay Safe Shawlands

Vinyl LP

Weird baby

Weird baby

Glasgow COVID-19

Coronavirus Glasgow

OTO BAM     Coronavirus newspapers

Afternoon tea

Highland cow

Japanese language learning

Abandoned shoes




Eastwood K2L

3 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Diaries

  1. Nice GRsnaps man! 😀

  2. My favs are the one of BMO ad the cat, and the cheese and salmon closeup.

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