Coupon Photo Zine (vol i)

My friend Lee and I have banded together to produce a new collaborative photo zine called ‘coupon’. Volume i is out now, and available to pick up for free in Glasgow if you find a copy. With COVID and everything shut down locations are a tad limited, but our friends at Satellite in the Sky Tattoo have a few to hand if you are in the area.

Coupon photo zine

This volume includes 48 pages with pictures from myself, Lee, and our friend Bryan Thompson. The idea is that we’ll put these out every so often, and feature different folks alongside our own work.

Coupon photo zine

If you aren’t in Glasgow, you can get a copy for just £5 to cover postage and packaging costs over on my Big Cartel site here – which includes a free digital download of the mag. If you want to support the ongoing publication, there’s also the option to chuck in an extra fiver to help with printing costs, but nae pressure.

Coupon photo zine

For now, you can follow along with coupon on Instagram: @couponphoto

6 thoughts on “Coupon Photo Zine (vol i)

  1. I’ve ordered my copy – can’t wait.

    1. Oh nice one! Thanks a lot. I’ll get it stuck in the post for you tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Boom! It’s here. Just making a coffee before having a read.

        I got two zines but thought I only paid for one?

      2. Ahhh I just found the inscription haha – cheers mate

      3. I’m glad! Hope you like.

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