The lost frames of 2020 (vol i)

Contrary to my recent maudlin post, 2020 wasn’t a total bust for taking pictures. In fact, in many ways it was one of the most productive periods I’ve had in years. I took every opportunity I could over the summer to get out and about around Glasgow, shooting piles of rolls of film on both portraits and street scenes. Hell, I even put out a photo zine with my friends in October (there’s a few left btw).

Unfortunately, when the Autumnal lockdown was announced, it pretty much immediately killed off any and all motivation I had for taking pictures stone dead. Not only that, but along with it went any desire to process the many rolls of film I’d built up, or to post any of the blogs I had started working on.

As a result of that, I’ve now got hundreds of shots which haven’t ever seen the light of day. I’m slowly working my through them, and going to share them here as I do.

I present to you, the lost frames of 2020.

black and white 35mm portrait
Glasgow 35mm portrait
Glasgow street 35mm 500T
Nikon S2
Glasgow street photography
SPF Takumar 35mm f2
Glasgow fire station on film
self portrait 35mm
Glasgow 35mm portrait
Val Doro Glasgow
Helios 44 portrait
Takumar 35mm
Glasgow street
Rolleiflex portrait

3 thoughts on “The lost frames of 2020 (vol i)

  1. Great portrait photo’s

  2. Wonderful. Glad to see your work from last year. I was worried it would never see the light of day.

  3. Great pictures.

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