In the Studio – 35mm (vol ii)

We haven’t been able to make use of our studio space as much as we’d like over the past few months, thanks to the varying and ever-changing Coronavirus restrictions. These are from a few months ago, when things were a bit looser.

Belomo Vilia

Belomo Vilia


Kodak 500T - Closet Organ

BeLomo Vilia

Kodak 500T - Closet Organ

studio 35mm

Belomo Vilia

Kodak 500T

Belomo Vilia

Kodak 500T

Helios 44 portrait

Belomo Vilia

Kodak 500T

Recording studio




5 thoughts on “In the Studio – 35mm (vol ii)

  1. I hope the restrictions ease and you can get back to recording. The world needs music right now.

  2. This looks fun – I’ve always loved music photography and need to do it some time. What is your band called?

    1. Hopefully gigs will happen again one day… I’m in a couple of different bands. Closet Organ, and Hog Wyld. Grungey rocky pish!

      1. Anything online I could listen to?

      2. Sure! Closet Organ has a bandcamp here: and the Hog Wyld EP (from when we were spelling wild with an i is here:

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