Cathouse – 27th August 2022

According to the blog, the last time I was in to photograph the Cathouse was the 26th of March, 2022. Last night was also exactly one year since the return of the club, when restrictions in Scotland eased up. It’s funny how time marches on. It’s nice to not have to wear a mask any more though.

After a day of traipsing around Edinburgh to document some of the chaos of the Fringe, I swapped cameras for my big ol’ 1DS Mk ii and got stuck in again. It always amuses me when folks ask what Canon I am using, as the answer just confuses them. Aye, this thing is ancient. Naw, I don’t need or want a new one. Nah, a Sony A7 would not cut it. Yes, it would be destroyed almost immediately.

Last night I even broke one of my cardinal rules of club photography, and converted a few of the shots to monochrome. What has happened to me!?

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