2017 Faces.

Years are strange things. In many ways, a ‘year’ doesn’t really mean very much. There’s nothing particularly significant about the transition from the 31st to the 1st that’s any different from any other day, but then… in many ways, years do hold significance. Cycles are important, symbolic, and meaningful.

This past year hasn’t been the best in terms of photo taking. In many ways I felt like my mojo had completely disappeared. There’s many reasons for that, and I’m still not 100% sure how all of them shake out. In part, it’s difficult to transition from travel photos to shooting portraits, but it’s also tough to shoot pictures of people when you don’t particularly feel any sort of connection, or desire to leave the house – let alone talk to anybody. For me, taking pictures isn’t just a standalone product – it’s something that’s indicative of my relationship with the world.

I’ve been trying to wrestle back some of my inspiration lately, and in the past month or so I’ve started to have a bit of luck. I’ve gotten a bunch of interesting lenses to try out, and I’ve been shooting portraits again Below is a collection of shots from throughout the year that I haven’t published on the blog before – including a couple from the archives that also never made the light of day. Hopefully 2018 will be different!

If you fancy lending me your face some time, get in touch.

DSC01337 copy.jpg

Kerry portrait

Photo Editing Workflow

Caoimhe Portrait



Tomioka 55mm f1.2



Lee Portrait

Editing Process

Tomioka 55mm f1.2

Rachel Portrait





Tomioka 55mm f1.2


Photo Editing Workflow
Final edit.

Tomioka 55mm f1.2



Tomioka 55mm f1.2

Canon 50mm f0.95 - Sony A7




Elitar Soligor 25mm f0.95



Tomioka 55mm f1.2

DSC015272 (1).jpg

Tomioka 55mm f1.2


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