People Portraits: Christine

Last week I headed through to Kilmarnock to see my old pal Christine, as she’d kindly agreed to help me out in my quest to shoot more portraits. It was raining… of course, but we ventured outside anyway after a cup of tea. We used to both work together at the Cathouse, but we haven’t really seen much of each other in the past few years since, so it was nice to hang out and talk about life, and mutual friends who’re not around any more. That alone is a good enough reminder that we should be making more of an effort to not lose touch with folk.

The below were shot with a combination of the Sony A7, and either a Canon 50mm f0.95, 50mm f0.75 XI, or Helios 44-2 lens.

Helios 44-2 portrait

Canon 50mm f0.95 portrait

Canon 50mm f0.95 portrait

Portrait Helios 44-2

Portrait Photography Glasgow

Canon 50mm f0.75 XI lens portrait

Glasgow Portrait Photography

Helios 44-2 portrait

Portrait Photography Glasgow

Helios 44-2 portrait

Portrait Helios 44-2

Christine Portrait


2 thoughts on “People Portraits: Christine

  1. I really like that first shot of her on the couch. There is a something genuine and relaxed in that shot.

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