People Portraits: Jess

As part of my efforts to shoot more portraits this year, Jess kindly agreed to lend me her face this weekend passed. It turned out to be another reminder that Winter time in Scotland isn’t exactly the best time of year to get re-inspired, with the rain was chucking it down. Because of that, we didn’t stay out for too long, taking shelter under the trees in Glasgow Green, with me rambling nonsense and failing to give any useful direction as usual.

As well as shooting primarily with a Sony A7 and either a Canon 50mm f0.95, or Canon 50mm f0.75 XI lens, I also ran a roll or two of film through the Hasselblad – and we’ll see how they come out later. I haven’t shot any medium format in a long time, and as if to highlight this recent lack of familiarity, I managed to catch my nose ring in the waist level viewfinder and rip it clean out, so that was nice.

Hiccups aside, I’m fairly pleased with the results. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to do a repeat when the weather clears up a bit!

Glasgow Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Glasgow

5 thoughts on “People Portraits: Jess

  1. Those lenses, christ.

    1. Anything above f1.0 is bourgeois.

    2. Just about to say that.

  2. I think I like the BnW pic the best. That is a seriously shallow depth of field. Great shots all around.

    1. Thank you Jeff 🙂 That was shot with a modified Canon 50mm f0.75 – an old x-ray lens. The results are pretty out there at times.

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