New Scanner Results…

In my last blog I lambasted the hassles I was having with scanning negatives lately. The Lomo DigitaLIZA¬†holder which I have used for years simply wasn’t holding the latest batch of films that I’d developed flat – sometimes to such an extent that they wouldn’t even stay in the holder itself. I got slightly better […]

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Film Pics at night

This is a post I’ve had queued up for ages but haven’t posted. Imagine you’re reading this a few months ago: I’ve been a busy guy lately. A man with a plan. A man in demand. International man of mystery. Etc. Okay, not quite, but it seems like our group of friends from school days […]

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Using Flickr for Backups

The Problem Backups are a constant problem for avid photographers. Even if you keep copies on external hard drives, you really need an off-site backup as well, incase there’s a fire or some other (far more likely) disaster like a disk failure. Personally, I keep numerous backups, one on a 4TB RAID external drive (spread […]

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